Upgrading to Windows 10? Here’s What You Need to Know

 Windows 10

Windows 10On July 29th, Microsoft will be launching the most ambitious upgrade to it’s Windows Operating System in years when it introduces the long-awaited Windows 10.

I have listed some of the most asked questions concerning this new release and I have prepared some answers.


Exactly what’s brand-new and cool about Windows 10?


Windows 10 includes great many awesome and brand-new functions: The Cortana digital assistant takes the very best parts of Apple’s Siri and Google Now and includes a little bit more pizzazz; the brand-new Windows Store guarantees apps will work precisely the same on your Windows 10 PC as on your Windows 10 tablet. Plus, the brand-new Microsoft Edge Web browser has cool brand-new functions (like having the ability to jot notes straight on a website), and it’s performing much better than Google Chrome in some early standard tests.


Should I trouble with the upgrade to Windows 10? Windows 8.1 was not so bad.


Up until now, Windows 10 appears quite strong.

Microsoft has actually made a totally free preview edition readily available to those brave enough to check out early variations of the software, with a program called “Windows Insider”.

At first blush, Windows 10 takes the very best parts of Windows 7 (stability, user friendliness) and Windows 8.1 (touchscreen-friendliness) and incorporates it into a thing that’s easy to use, both on a computer system and tablets. It’s familiar, but still fresh.

Microsoft is billing this as “The Last Version of Windows,” and assures you that it’ll get brand-new functions and upgrades on a rolling basis instead of ever launching a Windows 11 (or 12, or 13).


Just how much will it cost me to update my Windows 7 or 8 PC?


Absolutely nothing. For the next year, any Windows 7 or 8/8.1 computer system, tablet, and smartphone gets a totally free Windows 10 upgrade. Microsoft has huge plans for Windows 10, however initially it has to have everyone on the exact same OS, so it’s prepared to take the monetary hit.


Which variation of Windows 10 will I get free of charge?


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Can my PC or tablet handle an upgrade to Windows 10?


Microsoft states the fundamental system requirements to run its brand-new OS are: 1 GHz or faster processor; 1 GB RAM (for 32-bit variation), 2GB RAM (for 64 bit-version); 16 GB hard disk drive (for 32-bit variation), 20 GB hard disk (for 64-bit variation); a Directx 9 or later on graphics card;  and 800×600 display screen.

The majority of PCs will most likely fulfill these requirements– and the “Get Windows 10” app that you most likely currently have on your computer system will certainly let you know what to do.


Cool. So I can get Windows 10 on July 29th?


Sort of.


Sort of?


On July 29th, the very first batch of computer systems with Windows 10 pre-installed will be offered for sale. There will not, at first, be numerous computer systems offered though, as a great deal of PC makers are keeping back their brand-new units until the back-to-school shopping or holiday season.


What if I do not wish to purchase a brand-new computer system?


Microsoft is making Windows 10 readily available for download, beginning on July 29th.


So I can download Windows 10 on July 29th?


bild_0Sort of. Once again.

Initially, it will certainly be sent out to the members of the Windows Insider program, to thank them for their service. Then, it will certainly head out to one group of users at a time over the next couple of weeks, beginning on July 29th — Microsoft does not wish to run the risk of a tidal wave of Windows 10 downloads taking its servers down.

You may have currently registered to be in line for the download. Microsoft has actually been pestering Windows users about the upgrade for the last month approximately, by means of a “Get Windows 10” app in your system tray. That exact same app will check out your computer system for compatibility with Windows 10.


What if I do not wish to download Windows 10?


You have 2 options: A boxed copy, or a copy that comes on a USB flash drive. In any case, it will run you $119.99 for Windows 10 Home Edition, and $199.99 for Windows 10 Pro Edition.

The huge catch right here is that neither variation will be launched in retail stores till August 30th, 2015, according to the Amazon item listing.


What if I definitely have to have Windows 10 on July 29th, I need to purchase a brand-new computer system?


Generally, yes.


If I update my current computer system to Windows 10, will I lose my files?


Nope. The download and set up procedure is managed through Windows Update, so your Windows 10 install will still have everything once the procedure is complete. The only catch is that you’ll lose some programs like Windows Media Center, which does not have a Windows 10 equivalent.


Is Microsoft doing anything unique for the Windows 10 launch?


windows_10_default_wallpaper___hero_by_gabrielx86-d8yopj9Well, it’s not going to be the mass-market marketing and media blitz of the Windows 95 launch 20 years earlier, however Microsoft Stores are having kick-offs all around the nation. So if, you are in New York and do not have intend on July 29th, you can meet World Cup soccer champ Abby Wambach at the Garden City Microsoft Store.

Simply do not anticipate any iPhone-style over night lines.


What if I have an issue with Windows 10 and require some tech support?


“Similar to any considerable release, we examine consumer resources and have actually purchased upgrade support from a range of resources consisting of Microsoft Answer Desk, Windows.com and support.microsoft.com,” states a Microsoft representative.

Plus, those very same Microsoft Stores are getting “Answer Desks,” where you can generate your Windows 10 computer system and have them respond to concerns for you. They’ll even assist you install it.


Great. So exactly what’s the catch?

Windows 10 is still brand-new, so let the buyer beware. Those early testers have actually currently captured a great many defects and bugs, however there’s going to be some weirdness early on as Microsoft works to tweak the platform. The brand-new Microsoft Edge browser that included in Windows 10 will not support browser extensions immediately, for instance.

If you’re actually worried, perhaps take a while prior to the upgrade. Most enthusiasts are going to dive in wholeheartedly on July 29th but if you are leery of new software then hold off until the preliminary bugs are worked out.


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