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81xvkifEXHL._SL1500_The Toshiba Encore 2 Write 8 inch display is little for some eyes and the text is not as distinct as on a retina display. Yet definitely this machine is really purposeful for reading and annotating PDFs. Multitouch zoom and pan is silky enough that you can easily zoom toward the edge to make handwritten notes at a practical scale afterwards zoom back out. Any type of small problems that I observed I cannot credit to the Toshiba device in itself. It really appears more likely that there are problems in the load of applications, cloud solutions, as well as the OS in itself and when you stream each of these jointly, you can get certain modest lags and hiccups specially with auto syncing.

71aQ341kJQL._SL1500_Based upon my idea that efficient note writing and annotation is personalized and relies on a number of aspects I can easily state that for myself, this Toshiba Encore is a RATHER ideal solution for on-the-go PDF reading and annotation. Assuming that I didn’t have another large tablet, I might favor the 10″ for going through PDFs. However, this 8″ format is really inviting.

For anyone who might know this, I can not claim if the Encore would benefit you. Yet it’s not due to the fact that the hardware is lacking. The device, specifically for the price tag, is exceptional.

The Details

The machines cost $349 and $399 respectively. That is not really inexpensive for a this amount of functionality. Yet it’s not going outmatch a Surface, iPad or a first-rate Samsung. It’s definitely not going to be the most awesome bit of tech individuals have ever seen (although if they are Wacom fanatics you will receive attention). So have your expectations in line. My own were surpassed. However, I’ve had my techie heart broken more than just a couple of times, so I have extremely reasonable expectations.

Firstly, everyone better be very acquainted with the windows 8 software and environment. In case you are not, then that learning curve is going to create some annoyance compared with android or iOS. Windows 8.1 is a far more complicated and competent environment. If you currently use Windows 8 and recognize the distinction between modern and desktop then it might just be effortless for you.


In my viewpoint, the mobile OS tablet computers all struggle with some prevalent problems. iOS, Android and windows modern/metro come with a clunky user interface for file management. It can end up being a genuine speed bump in your workflow particularly if you are simply trying to work together with others in a multi computer multi OS type of environment. Certainly there are workarounds however they all take supplementary training and time to make them second nature. Drawboard delighted me to the upside. Syncing through Microsoft OneDrive made the entire thing function very well for automagically sharing to other devices. Attempting to perform PDF reading and annotation on a small screen in Adobe Reader or Acrobat in the desktop environment could make me insane, on ANY device.

812Oem4LhdL._SL1500_ (1)In case you’re currently a devoted iPad individual, you could just sit tight for the reported iPad pro and find out if it features an OS integrated stylus. In the event that Apple does that it would be an awesome thing. In the event that they do not, Microsoft is going to begin wearing down the iPad market for someone that requires a stylus. This new Wacom pen is really promising for the Windows solution.

The Wacom stylus definitely makes a huge difference for hand notes and hand annotation. It does not make too much of a change for finger drag highlighting. Yet if you are searching for moderately priced digital note and draw tablet that can run various desktop software then Encore is a great choice.

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Toshiba Encore 2 Write WT8PE-B264 8-Inch 64 GB Tablet

Toshiba Encore 2 Write Tablet WT8PE-B264


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