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Details of the new Samsung Windows 10 tablet were leaked on September 11th by Indian registrar Zuaba.

The details were leaked online through initially leading to much online speculation about the device and its release.

The new Windows 10 device, which is set to be released later this year is so far named the Samsung SM-W700 4K, which is an unusual choice of name when you look at other Samsung products such as the Samsung Galaxy and Ace ranges, but then when you look at the Windows devices they have released in the past such as the XE300TZC ATIV model which runs the previous version of Windows’s operating system, Windows 8, it makes a little bit more sense.
The Samsung SM-W700 is an impressive looking piece of kit, especially when you compare it to the latest tablet on the market, the iPad Pro. When Apple unveiled the specs of the iPad Pro’s screen resolution of 2732 x 2048 the consumer market was hugely impressed with this upgrade in display quality, but Samsung have blown them out of the water by having a screen resolution of 3840 x 2400, which is pretty impressive and the highest resolution of any Windows tablet to date, including the top end ASUS Transformer Book T300.

The device is rumoured to be only 6.2mm thick, which again if we compare it to the most popular model: the iPad Pro which measures 6.9mm is significantly more mobile, especially with the weight difference of 113 grams for the lighter of the 2 iPad models.

bild_0This will be a great selling point for the device as a lot of people use their tablets as remote offices whilst commuting or even for entertainment by using streaming services such as Netflix or playing games such as Blackjack or Poker using sites like, for example.

Since the release of Windows 10, Microsoft have been trying to encourage users of older Windows devices to upgrade to take advantage of all the features of the new Windows 10 by offering a free upgrade to users of Windows 7. By releasing such quality hardware, they may well be able to convince people to do so!

Fans of the Windows tablets will no doubt be excited by the release of the Samsung SM-W700 4K later this year, especially those who use their tablet as a remote device due to its mobility being as lightweight as it is. Samsung have always been very competitive when it comes to its mobile devices since achieving high success with their galaxy range of tablets and phones, the SM-W700 4K may well become market leaders in the mobile device industry.

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