Microsoft Surface to TV No Special Cable Needed


If you ever wanted to use your big screen TV as a second monitor for your Windows Surface Tablet you don’t need any special software or cabling. All you need is a HDMI cable with one end a micro-HDMI and the other a standard HDMI. These cables usually run less than $10 dollars at

Microsoft does sell this cable. It is actually a very good one. It has the angle of the port made to fit the angle on the side of a Surface tablet. Only thing is you are going to pay Microsoft a premium price. Don’t buy theirs, just go with a quality cable from other sources and save the cash.

If you just plug in the cable without setup your device will go with the default set up of mirroring your start screen. You can change the settings by pressing the WINKEY + P to select the second screen configuration. From there you can select extend, duplicate, or second screen only. Sound may or may not be transferred depending on your cable.


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