Microsoft Surface Pro only $599

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repost-us-image-7624625Microsoft’s first generation of the Surface Pro is on sale for $599 from the Microsoft store website. This is $300 off its price of $899. The Surface Pro runs a full version of Microsoft Windows 8, and comes with 4 Gb of RAM, a 3rd generation Intel Core i5 Processor with Intel HD Graphics 4000.

Remember this tablet sold for $1,000 only a year ago. This is your chance to grab a great tablet that’s perfect for surfing the web and doing some light work. Should you buy the Surface 2 Instead? Well maybe! But for only $599, this is a lot of tablet. If you are a gamer, this tablet can satisfy your portable gaming needs. Buy one now!

Limited Time Only: Save $300 on Surface Pro 128GB, now only $599.



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