Microsoft Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2 Available Now at Microsoft Store

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repost-us-image-7995800At this time, there is some news of interest for potential tablet purchasers who are in search of the Surface Pro 2 or Microsoft Surface 2 tablets. The two Windows 8 tablets are now available in the Microsoft Store. This follows a time when Microsoft clients had no option but to check out on third-party retail market outlets for the availability of the tablets. At the retail market stores, Microsoft clients were not sure of getting the tablets and whenever they got them, the tablets could cost more as compared to the price at a Microsoft store.

That is the important recent information on the two tablets but the news is that not all versions are obtainable over the internet on Microsoft’s storefront. The Microsoft Surface 2 is obtainable only in 64 GB and 32 GB versions while you will exclusively get the 512 GB, 256GB and 128GB versions of the expensive Surface Pro 2 on the online Microsoft store.

Microsoft Surface 2

The most popular tablet by the public is the Surface Pro 2 that has a storage space of 64 GB and valued at a price of $899 dollars. The problem is that the tablet is not available in the storefront. Likewise, the first pilot Surface RT with a storage space of 32 GB is not obtainable on the Microsoft online store.

However, you can always argue that availability of small amounts of something is more beneficial than having nothing at all, as Surface Pro 2 and Microsoft Surface 2 tablets were both specifically hard to come across following their October public distribution date, and to a greater extent during the vacation shopping time of the year. During those vacation times of the year, covers for the tablets were also difficult to come by. However, both the Surface Pro 2 Covers and Surface Touch 2 Covers are now available on the Microsoft Stores once again.

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