Microsoft Reveals New Mice with Dedicated Windows 8 Start button


sculpt mouseMicrosoft announced today two new mice, the Sculpt Comfort and Sculpt Mobile designed with for use with Windows 8 tablets. Both of these mice will feature a dedicated Windows button along with the regular buttons and a wheel. This is a great addition to help for those that want to use their Windows tablets with a mouse.

The blue touch tab on the side of the Sculpt Comfort also functions as a touch-sensitive strip, which can launch the Switcher function in Windows 8. Simply swipe up to cycle through apps, while swiping down opens the multitasking menu on the side. The mouse is also compatible with Windows 7 and Android. The mouse can be directly connected to the system’s Bluetooth and doesn’t need any USB peripheral. Sculpt Comfort uses Bluetrack technology to work on any surface.

The Sculpt Mobile has the dedicated Windows button on the top. The wheel has four way motion instead of two and can be used for left and right scrolling. Also, the mouse comes with a separate small wireless transceiver and uses Bluetrack technology.

The Sculpt comfort will be available in June for an asking price of $39.95, while the Sculpt mobile will be available in May for $29.95.


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