Microsoft Offers Free Touch or Type Cover with Surface RT Purchase

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Interested in one of Microsoft’s tablet/laptop Surface RT’s? Windows 8 is poised to receive a pretty substantial update in the coming months and the Windows 8 Store is far less barren than it was at launch, so now might be a good time.

In order to entice prospective buyers to the $499/$599 purchase, Microsoft is throwing in a free Touch Cover. Formerly $119.99, the 3mm thin keyboard attachment that turns the tablet into a fully-functional laptop — or almost, considering it can’t run native x86 apps. Still, with Office 2013 pre-installed and a bevy of decent fullscreen apps, the Surface RT is better value than it was six months ago, even with the inevitable refresh coming later this year.

The Touch Covers come in black, white, blue or pink, and one can also get the 6mm Type Cover (which is a better keyboard but a little more bulky) for free, which was previously $99.99.

Get a FREE Type or Touch cover when you buy a Surface RT* Offer ends 6/30.


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