Microsoft Cutting $150 Off Windows 8 Surface RT Tablet Prices

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The Surface RT tablet has been on-sale for nine months, right away is likely the correct time for Microsoft to hack the price to entice interest prior to the second-generation model arrives. This should help sales along or is Surface bound to battle for acceptance among Windows users?

Many retailers are getting ready to cut the cost of Microsoft’s Surface tablets, according to reports around the internet. The cost should drop by around $150, indicating an effort by Microsoft to get the devices moving, probably to pave the way for more powerful or smaller models as the marketplace develops.

The offer by Staples doesn’t appear to include the Pro version, as brought up in an earlier edition of this report.

The price cutting*, is likely to be made official over the weekend, will see up to $150 taken off the cost of a Surface RT tablet in the U.S. That should bring the entry-level 32GB model down to $349.99, compared to $429 for a 32GB iPad mini. Samsung’s ATIV Tab models running Windows 8 range from around $500 to $1,000.

Microsoft has not distributed any Surface gross sales figures, and as partners proceed to sound down on their Wintablet sales, it will be up to Microsoft to drive the market, with the upcoming Windows 8.1 update and aggressive pricing, while the likes of Samsung and others drive the ecosystem with brand-new computer hardware.


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