Microsoft cuts Surface Pro tablet price by $100

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Microsoft has done it again. This weekend Microsoft has announced that they are chopping the price of the Surface Pro Tablet by $100. This follows the recent cut of $150 on the Microsoft Surface RT Tablet.

The Microsoft website shows a price of $799 or $899 for the Surface Pro, not including a device cover that doubles as a keyboard and costs at least $120. Surface Pro launched earlier this year at a price of $899 or $999 for a model with twice as much memory.

Microsoft spokesman said,” We’ve been seeing great world-wide success with Surface RT pricing and keyboard-cover promotions over the past several months and are proud to offer Surface Pro at more affordable prices.”

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Why Microsoft has been lowering prices may have something to do with slow sales and this sale may be a way to jump-start interest at the beginning of the new school year.

The Surface Pro, is more like a traditional windows computer than the Surface RT, because it can run all Windows compatible software while the Windows RT can on run Apps from the Windows App Store. Many people are paying the extra price to be able to run all their legacy programs.

This price reduction is only in effect till August 29th or while supplies last.  The discount is available to people in the U.S., Canada, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, the Microsoft spokesman said.

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