Microsoft BUILD Conference RUMORS: Windows 8.1 Features




In addition to the release of a much-anticipated update to its Windows 8 operating system, Microsoft could preview a new version of its Windows Surface tablet and may even unveil a Surface smartphone at the annual Microsoft BUILD conference, Information Week reports.
Microsoft has confirmed it will preview Windows 8.1 at the conference, set for June 26-28, and the beta will officially open to the public on Wednesday.

Interestingly, the update reintroduces the classic “Start” button at the bottom left corner of the desktop, which has existed in every version of windows before Windows 8 launched last year. Clicking on the button will launch the new tiled Start screen introduced in Windows 8.
Also present in this version is an option to boot straight to the desktop and Internet Explorer 11, the latest version of Microsoft’s flagship web browser.

Rumors suggest Microsoft may show off a new model of its Windows 8-based Surface tablet which launched in 2012, according to Information Week.



The upgraded model could feature a longer battery life, slimmer design and better graphics capabilities.

Also circulating are rumors about a new smart phone based on the Surface tablet. But if it’s unveiled the phone could be far off; Microsoft is set to launch Windows Phone Blue based on the Windows 8.1 operating system later this year, Into Mobile reports.



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