How to Sync Start Screen Settings Between Your PCs

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While Windows 8.1 uses OneDrive to sync various Start screen settings between your different PCs and devices, only some of these settings—including your color scheme, background, and account picture—are synced by default.

But you can optionally choose to have Windows 8.1 sync your Start screen tiles and tile layout, and your list of installed apps, if desired.

Don’t enable either option lightly. While syncing the Start screen tile layout may seem like a good idea, it often doesn’t work well on machines with very different displays or usage patterns.

For example, you may not want to sync the Start screen layout from a desktop PC with a 27-inch display with a mini-tablet you use primarily in portrait mode.

The second option, which syncs your installed apps, is interesting. In this case, Windows will place a special shortcut tile on your Start screen for those apps you’ve installed elsewhere. The first time you select such a tile the app will install.

To enable either of these features, navigate to PC Settings, OneDrive, Sync Settings.


Screenshot (7)


The two options are Start screen (“My Start screen tiles and tile layout”) and Apps (“The list of apps I’ve installed”), respectively.

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