Download the Snow Panoramic Theme for Windows 8.1




Snow Panoramic Theme is one of the latest themes released by Microsoft for Windows users, thus providing its customers with more customization options for their desktops.
The new theme only works on Microsoft’s latest operating systems, which include Windows 7, 8, and 8.1. Both desktops and tablets are supported.

There are 12 high-resolution photos included in the theme, all courtesy of professional photographers. Just like all the other themes, all wallpapers are automatically deployed on your Windows computer once you double-click the .themepack file, with the personalization screen being used to pick your new desktop background.

Of course, the theme is offered free of charge, so download Snow Panoramic Theme right now, especially if you’ve already made the move to the new Windows 8.1.

Users of older Windows versions can manually extract wallpapers and set them as desktop background.

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